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There are important tasks that need to be done on a regular basis to keep your house in good condition. Working on these small tasks bit by bit will prevent bigger problems and save money in the long run. You probably know of some maintenance items that you do in colder climates before the first freeze—like disconnecting hoses from the spigot. What about items that make sense to tackle in the summer? These 5 simple items will help save future hassles and service calls.

1. Lubricate the Garage Door
A great task if it’s hot or even raining is to lubricate the garage door. Lubricating the overhead door periodically prevents broken parts and it just sounds quieter. Pull your cars out of the garage and leave yourself some space. Go joint by joint and roller by roller and spray with White Lithium Grease. You can then wipe it with an old sock. There are many different brands including WD-40 that make this lubricant. Do not use typical WD-40 or it will collect dust and debris and actually make it worse in the long run!

2. Trim Bushes
If you have healthy bushes they’ve probably grown some and look a bit more scraggly by mid-June. It’s a great time to prune and trim the bushes. This keeps the yard looking nice and also helps to keep trees and bushes from contacting the house, creeping against fences, and stealing sunlight from other neighboring plants. A simple hand pruner can do medium sized branches but the best way to get a smooth and even look on a bush is to use a hedge trimmer. There are so many battery options (or corded too) for under $100. These tools need minimal maintenance themselves.

3. Clean Interior Floors
Sure, this can be done anytime. But, if you have a lot of hardwood floors cleaning them in the summer has advantages. First, the boards expand in the summer and contract in the winter. In colder months the gaps between the boards are bigger and can collect more moisture from cleaning. It’s also really helpful to open all the windows and accelerate the drying process so you can walk on them again.

4. Window Maintenance
Maybe you’re already using your windows a lot and know if you have any that don’t work as well as the others. Some prefer using air conditioning so they don’t move the windows often. Summer is a good time to test all the windows especially if you have any casement windows—the kind that you crank open and closed. Those often need more adjustment that double-hung windows.

5. Bug Control
Some spot control/spraying in certain areas where you see more ants and spiders can help. Not everyone likes to spray chemicals inside their homes but if you reserve doing so for problem areas it can have a big impact on how these insects find their way in.

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